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Front Counter Director- Towne Centre

My CFA journey started almost 3 years ago back in the summer of 2020 whenever the world essentially stood still due to covid. What brought me originally was a rest from the constant boredom of sitting round the house during quarantine but that’s not why I stayed. I stayed for the people that i met there because of the genuine connections I made. Plus, these are the people that kept going during the hard seasons.
CFA gave me a new goal and a renewed passion for people. The new goal for my life is to be an operator at some point in the future. Seeing how this business has grown me as a person over the past few years is really cool to see, and being able to look at how it's helped others from an outsider’s perspective is so interesting. I want to be able to continue that tradition, wherever God leads me in the future, hopefully as an operator.
Currently, I’m trying to grow as much as possible so I can get experience for my future CFA goals. So right now, I am the Front Counter director. This entails the making of the schedule of my area. I also am in charge of meeting with my leads once a week to debrief how the previous week went. Another one of my duties is collecting the data from the week and month. It’s really interesting being able to take that data and using it to make the guest experience 10 times better, making it a true place of restoration.

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