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A job with Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro is the perfect choice for high school and college students. We offer flexible work hours and Sunday's off. That's not where the benefits end though. For college students, specifically, we offer a wide variety of benefits with employment during college years.

Two big benefits are the Corporate Leadership Scholarship and the Tuition Reimbursement Program. The two scholarship opportunities through Chick-fil-A Inc are in the amount of $2,500 or $25,000 for those awarded it, and it's a simple application process to apply. For more information on the scholarship program, click here. Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro offers a tuition reimbursement program that offers up to $1,000 a year and only has a couple of qualifying requirements. Those wishing to receive the reimbursement must currently work while in school and work a minimum average of 32 hours per week while in school. 

In addition to the scholarships and reimbursement opportunities, Chick-fil-A Murfreesboro offers ample leadership opportunities and a career after graduation. We have leadership opportunities in the form of managers, directors, and much more. With a 2nd location, there are even more opportunities for leadership advancement and career opportunities. 

Job Opportunities - High School & College Students